A Good Host

Entertaining Essentials
My husband and I used to live in a cramped one bedroom apartment in L.A. where we could barely squeeze two people at a table. We certainly did not have room to have friends over for dinner. Now in our Columbus apartment we take every opportunity we can to share our cooking and hospitality. I’ve learned a lot about being a good host in the last couple of years. With the holidays fast approaching I thought it would be a good time to share a few tips.

1. A clean house is good but a clean and great smelling house is the best. I can’t stop smelling this Fig Tree Scented Candle. Seriously it’s so good.
2. Make sure you have a bottle opener handy at all times. Our Bavarian Beast Bottle Opener doubles as a conversation piece.
3. A great coffee table book can help break the ice and entertain fussy kids. Who doesn’t love funny vintage pictures of animals like the ones in Photobooth Dogs.
4. Make clean up quick and easy with place mats like the Bamboo Fishes Print ones.
5. Have drinks easily accessible throughout the dinner. The elegant Copenhagen Carafe is easy to incorporate into any table setting.
6. Get creative with your table presentation like using this colorful Farmhouse Wire Basket and cloth napkins to serve bread.

Michelle Parsons | Store Manager
I’m from a small town in Ohio but I’ve always been a city girl at heart. I love being able to ride my bike to work and get a scoop of ice cream after 10pm.