4 Way to be An Awesome Valentine

Everyone knows it. Valentine’s Day was created to sell cards and boxes of waxy chocolates.

 While we don’t believe in peddling junk that only 14 year old girls actually want, we do believe in making the special person in your life feel loved and appreciated.  Below are some simple ideas to help you do that on any day you choose.


1.) Create a Sweet Capsule Letters Set
These adorable letter kits are begging to be made into a sweet gift!  Each set includes 15 fortune cookie paper sized scrolls tucked into tiny plastic capsules housed in a glass test tube.  Pick 15 things you love about your sweetheart and write one on each scroll.


2.) Plan a Simple Night In
Save yourself the pain of having to brave the crowds on this super busy weekend and plan a date at home.  With the weather we have been having in Ohio, I would prefer snuggling up with this wool throw and watching a movie over going out.  Having a plan, though, is key so as to not look like you just forgot.  Get a gift, rent a movie, make the popcorn.


3.) Take a Class Together
Any class will do but, oh hey, we are having a floral arranging workshop at Tigertree on Thursday.  Instead of grabbing some generic flowers from the grocery store,  you can craft an interesting arrangement together with the help of the folks from Sunny Meadows Farms.  All proceeds will go towards helping Sunny Meadows rebuild their greenhouse which collapsed in the recent snowstorm.

Image4.) Start a Journal Together

This one line a day format makes it fast and easy to keep track of how you spend your days together.  Fill out the past week or so in advance with small memories that you two have shared to get things started.