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A couple of the rad dudes behind Bummers, Columbus based surf/fuzz/lo-fi/… band, were nice enough to answer some questions for us. These guys are one of my favorite bands from Ohio and, based on the crowds and ink they have been attracting, apparently everyone else agrees.

Josh:  Before we get to your music, your name rules pretty hard. Being someone that has named a few bands in his day (most pretty poorly), I know what a daunting task this can be. Tell us about your name.

Pearl: A couple of us went out to catch a show at Ace of Cups last winter. The show was killer and we must have gotten inspired to start a band because we all sat there drunkenly thinking of band names. We kept listing things around the room and tossing weird words together. Then we kind of just said it. Bummers. Everyone’s a bummer man. We’re optimistic dudes but theres always a bummer hanging around.

STERIS: 3 of us were at a bar watching a show and decided we should start a band. We were getting drunk and bouncing stupid ass band name ideas off of each other while writing songs. Pearl, if I recall correctly, said the name Bummers and we all looked at each other and just knew that it was legit.

Josh:  I hate to ask this question, I really do. But in case our readers haven’t heard you guys, how would you describe your sound?

Pearl: Panhandle Grit, Spanish Harlem, Duck Spit. Who really knows man. WE get a lot of surf references but that’s only a taste of bummers. We love that West Coast low-fi fuzz but we dive into tons of other realms. I know that doesn’t help explain it at all. Haha. We’ll just say it’s a strange blend of cold weather dudes playing warm jams. It’s music we want to hear.

STERIS: Beach Fuzzzz, Fuzzy Trunk

Josh: You guys are doing SXSW right? I assume you are touring out there, are you hitting anywhere you are particularly excited about on the way down?

Steris: We are making such a quick trip down that we are only stopping once to sleep. We would of have loved to hit some cities along the way but with our work schedules we couldn’t make it a small tour.

Pearl: The SXSW thing unfolded so quickly and late in the game that we didn’t really have time to set a whole tour up. We’re trying to figure out if we can squeeze in some dates because shredding on the road is what it’s all about. At the very least we’ll have a small beer drinking tour down south. We’ll keep ya posted.

Josh:  In a pretty short amount of time you guys have become one of the best bands in Columbus and certainly have one of the biggest draws. It’s obvious that you are putting a ton of time and energy into it. How do you strike a balance between working and music?

STERIS: It is super difficult sometimes but we all know how important it is to practice and to keep creating. Getting together and playing our tunes is what keeps me sane. I think its a great stress reliever for all of us and gets our minds off of our jobs. We usually look at all of our schedules each week and pick out a day or afternoon that we are all free to get together.

Pearl: Finding that balance is the straight pits man. It’s hard not to bitch about it. Some of us are working two jobs, 20 hour days, just trying to fund the band anyway we can. It’s a drag but we know it’ll all pay off in the long run. Getting on stage is worth all the off stage blues.

Josh: You guys put some tunes up on band camp (>> HERE IS IS <<) last year. Any chance of another release any time soon?

Steris: We just finished recording our album. We don’t have an exact time on a release yet but hoping within the next few months.

Pearl: The album is being mixed as we speak. We’re figuring out a release date and format of the album but this baby is gonna be a doozy. We couldn’t be more stoked to drop this on the world.

Josh:  I was out of town for the Columbus Alive, Bands To Watch show but I heard you guys killed it. Anything coming up soon where we can check you out live?

STERIS: We are playing 0n 02/22 for the PBR 10k event and we also playing with you scoundrels on 03/07 at Strongwater for a SXSW kickoff show.

Pearl: awww man.. That show was nuts! The lineup was crazy good and anytime you add smoke and lazers it’s gonna get real weird. We have the PBR10k on Saturday the 22nd, “The Triple Decker” at The Ohio Union on the 28th, at the SXSW Kickoff with you boogers on March 7th. Shit, that’s a busy month.

*To be fair, they did get me these answers in a timely fashion and I am posting this the day of the PBR10K but I was in Vegas for trade shows and the internet in our room was spotty at best. And the aforementioned “boogers/scoundrels” happen to be my band Dead Is Dead.

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