Lotion Making Workshop (yep, another one)


We were shocked (and maybe a little panicked) about how many of you showed up for January’s Lotion Making Workshop. Thirty-one ladies bundled up to brave negative temperatures so they could learn how to make this incredible hand lotion. This is no wimpy watery stuff. This is hardy, takes-a-second-to-soak-in hand cream. So we settled into the store loft with refreshments in hand and a slew of questions.

Ana, with years of experience brewing this on her stove top, laid out the basics to creating this at home. We also learned that there are just an enormous amount of oils to choose from and all have their own beneficial properties. Ana has admittingly learned from past ruined batches and spent a portion of the class speaking on trouble shooting and how to save a lotion that has gone awry. In the end we all left with detailed instructions and a sample jar scented to our liking.

Due the the incredible turn out we asked Ana to come back and teach again. She agreed and we will be hosting this again Monday, March 3rd at 7pm. You can purchase the workshop >here< for just $6!