Cartier’s Look Of The Week


JQ: We are fortunate enough to work with some great interns every year.  Cartier is with us this semester from OSU.  Her outfits are always spot on so we thought we would let her do a pick of the week, for herself.  So without further adieu, Cartier tell us a little bit about yourself and this look:


I’m from Cleveland and moved to Columbus in 2009. I have a 17-month-old Labrabull named Nala. She’s pretty awesome when she’s not terrorizing small children. We both actually fell into the pond at Goodale Park last summer, so that tells you a little bit about my daily happenings.  One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with my boyfriend, David, on photo shoots. I like having the pictures of myself in the really awesome things I find at thrift stores, and sometimes just when I put together a killer outfit. Whenever it’s not freezing outside, I plan on doing something with this floor length beaded gown I got a little while ago. My boyfriend just taking pictures of me sounds kind of narcissistic, but whatever. I could wear that gown to class, but I’d rather not. Music, history, and art are my biggest fashion inspirations and that’s definitely visible in my personal style. I like to wear things that tell a story. I’m a sucker for fringe and crop tops. My current musical obsession is Kid Cudi’s “Satellite Flight” album. Also obsessed with the space suit he’s been wearing during the Cud Life Tour. Now I think that’s enough about me. On to the outfit.

The women’s items for spring are all amazing, so it was tough deciding on just one outfit. I came across that cardigan a couple of days ago and fell in love with it, so I just used that as my starting point. It’s perfect. The colors, the striping, and it’s super comfy. I originally paired the cardigan with a maxi skirt and a top, but changed my mind when I saw the rack of vintage dresses on the second floor. I chose that particular dress because the print is very intricate, and I loved the pleating at the top and the buttons.  I decided to go with the mustard yellow reversible belt because the color complements the print of the dress without blending while also adding cohesiveness by extending the horizontal lines from just the cardigan to the entire outfit. Those earrings are just amazing. I liked the shapes with the contrasting gold and navy colors. They’re simple, but bold. I’m happy I decided to wear my Docs too. They make me look less wholesome. Altogether, I felt like I looked like a music teacher. A really cool music teacher.