How to write a thank you

thank you

My first college writing assignment was a Thank You note. Piece of cake right? But thank you notes are just one of those things that seem so easy until you actually sit down to do it. Here are the basics…

Don’t you dare start writing on that beautiful card that you purchased one of. Practice on a similar size piece of paper so that you can figure out spacing and spelling.

Start with Thank You
Start by getting to the point (ex. Thank you for the thoughtful scarf). If the gift was money or a gift card just refer to it as “gift” (ex. Thank you for the thoughtful gift).

In the next sentence expand on why you appreciate their gift or deed (ex. This winter has been especially cold and I’m sure it will get plenty of use). Again if the gift was money or a gift card this can be tricky. Talk about how you will use it without going into too much detail (ex. It will go to good use stocking our kitchen).

Now is the place to add anything extra you may want to mention (ex. It meant so much to me that you traveled all the way to Ohio to see us) or (ex. I’ve really enjoyed reading your witty Facebook updates on the house).

Mention the next time you will see them or something you especially appreciate about your relationship. Try avoiding the “Thanks again” route as it can be overkill on a small card.

Now get that thing in the mail!

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