Five Steps To A Perfect Shave



1.  Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor:  Every couple of years the big razor companies add a blade or a conditioning strip, vibrator or some other ridiculous device to a razor handle.  When they do this they send out no strings attached handles with a free cartridge to their mailing list.  That’s all it takes for a decent percentage of those guys to start shelling out $5 per cartridge for a couple of years until they add a shoe horn or something and start the process all over again.  The thing is they have been lying to you.  The trick to a close, irritation free shave is to get the sharpest bade across your face with the fewest impediments as possible.  You know what all that junk (including the extra blades) they put on their handles are?  Impediments.

This razor is not free, it’s $45.  You know why it’s $45?  It’s the last razor handle you will ever need.  It’s heavy enough to confidently get the job done, and when your dragging a razor blade across your face and neck, confidence matters.


2. Feather Double Edged Razor Blades:  These first came to our attention after repeated customer requests for them.  Initially we added them to our mix of blades, and then we just got rid of the mix altogether.   I’ve used a lot of blades since I switched over to shaving with a safety razor.  These, without a doubt, start out sharper but I also feel like I get more shaves out of them.  Speaking of, the number one question I get asked regarding blades is “how many will I get from a blade?”  While there is no clear answer, I average about 5-7.  If you have a super course beard you’ll probably lose one from that number.

I have fairly from sensitive skin.  In my old cartridge days I could shave every other day at best or be forced to deal with painful razor burn.  By using a badger brush, better shave creams and the right razor I am able to shave every day with virtually no pain.   As an added bonus I am saving a fortune.  By my quick calculations, I was getting about a week out of a cartridge, that puts me somewhere in the neighborhood of $1040 a year on razor blade cartridges!  Let that sink in (to the landfill where those cartridges are off to) for a minute while I grab the feather blade numbers.   $31.20!  All the other fun facts aside they are giving you a free razor so you can give them $5 every week.  We’re selling you a $45 handle so you can save $1008 per year.

3.  Badger Hair Brush: Aside from all of the great things a badger hair brush will do for you, you’ll find your new shave soap lasting significantly longer, again, saving you money.  If you’ve never shaved with the badger hair brush, you simply run the brush under some warm water, shake out the excess, whip up a lather with either a solid soap or a cream formulated for a shave brush and apply.  The hairs exfoliate your skin, while lifting your whiskers for a closer shave.

4. Super Close Shave Formula: In the mid 60s Baxter Of California decided men deserved to have good skin too, so they developed a line of skin care products just for that purpose.  This hydrating shave cream does just what it says, provides a super close shave without drying out your skin.  While we aren’t covering it here the entire Baxter line is fantastic and worth checking out.  We carry the majority of it and usually have samples laying around the shop.

6.  Bergamot After-Shave: Imperial products are made, tested and used by barbers.  Based in Long Beach, CA, Imperial uses natural ingredients to make some of the best men’s grooming stuff on the planet.  They also believe in creating products to simplify your regiment.  This after-shave and toner is no different.  Bergamot is a natural antiseptic that cools and tones the skin while shrinking the pores.  It also contains macadamia nut oil, which calms, heals and moisturizes.  It’s got a gentle scent that works well on it’s own but won’t be overpowering if you’re a cologne wearer.

BONUS:  You know the best part of a barber shop shave?  The hot towel.  It’s such a simple thing that we never do at home.  You should be shaving when you get out of the shower anyway so since your pipes are hot already just soak a towel after your shave and apply.