Spotlight: Oakland Nursery

Oakland nursery flowers

This is one of my favorite places in the city. I try to stray away from the cliche “hidden gem” but I think it’s appropriate here. You have to cross the tracks and you may think your lost. Then there are glimpses of especially manicured lawns and you really can’t miss it because it takes up a whole block. On weekends there will be someone at the entrance selling kettle corn and handing out samples. And then there is the back lot where it opens up  to rows and rows of the most beautiful flowers, herbs, vegetables, and trees. They also have a magical (another word I don’t use lightly) sunroom filled with succulents, ferns, and orchids.

Every spring my plans for a modest herb garden are thrown out as soon as I walk into this place. It’s just too inspiring to not leave with a backseat full of beautiful plants and plans for a backyard oasis. Even if like me your backyard is really just a fire escape and a cluster of pots next to the central air unit. The staff is also incredible at helping you plan out how to get the most for your space. And when your Zinnia blooms start looking pale and sickly half way through the summer you can just call them up and they will walk you through solutions.

All of this is why we are so excited to have Genevieve Reiner from Oakland Nursery coming to the store June 5th to teach an after hours Terrarium Workshop. She will be instructing on how to build and care for your new plants. To purchase the class go >here< (spots are limited).







Terrarium photo