Taking The Show On The Road

avion, airstream, travel trailer

Shined and painted.

I could list a dozen spin-off business ideas I have had in the last few years (tell me you don’t want a shaved ice right now) but Niki and Michelle are luckily here to ground me and keep me focused on things that will actually grow the Tigertree brand.   So when I floated the mobile store by them and they were both into the idea I happily dove headfirst into the project.  I meant to chronicle the whole build for renovation enthusiasts, and while I did take a ton of pictures of the successes and hiccups along the way, I was pretty much in the garage for 12 hours a day 5 days a week and the shop for the other two and just didn’t feel much like writing at the time.   So this is the condensed version but if anyone has questions about the process, send me an email and I will be happy to answer! Two months ago I started searching the internet like a madman to find the perfect Winnebago for a traveling store.   While I have had a long list of vintage bikes and cars and am alright with making them look pretty, I don’t have the same skills at keeping them roadworthy.  With that in mind the search turned pretty quickly to a trailer.  It seemed like a great solution for being able to set up shop for weeks at a time and, once the renovation was complete, feeling more like a movable brick and mortar store than a store in an rv.

Avion travel trailer, before shot.

Oxidized exterior, before any work had been done.

I would say I lucked upon, but there was a time I could have told you every 24-32 foot  vintage trailer for sale in a 500 mile radius, so I’ll just say I earned a good deal on a 1968 Avion trailer in southern Ohio.  With the exception of the bathroom, the guy I bought it off of had gutted almost the whole thing so it saved me a lot of time.  I figured out why “except for the bathroom” pretty quickly.

Inside of the trailer before demo was complete.

Inside of the trailer before demo was complete.

Two months and thousands of rivets later our new mobile store is on the road and we can’t wait to share it with all of you!  The product selection is a condensed version of the gift selection that we have become known for; great cards, books, sunglasses, unique kid gifts, flasks, etc.  We are working on finalizing locations for the trailer through the end of the years so if anyone has a spot you think would be good for us to set up for a while let us know!

photo-32 Avion travel trailer interior.photo-34