New Baby Stuff

photo 1Its no secret that we carry an unusually wide variety of item at the shop.  People ask all the time how we pick what we sell at the store and the answer has always been the same; we sell stuff that we like.

With the arrival of our daughter this past October, there’s a whole new category of stuff that I really like; umbrellas!  Just kidding, its baby stuff.

I was really surprised to find that its actually pretty hard to find cute, non-cheesy stuff, for our baby.  There is a difficult gap between the ultra high end lines like Ace & Jig’s absolutely adorable mini dresses and tops (which cost the same as the adult pieces; sorry kid, not happening) and the brands you find at Target that have little patches with “clever” sayings like “I’m Whaley Adorable!” stitched onto everything.

Luckily I spend 4-5 hours every day feeding this kid with one free hand to scour the internet on my phone looking for good stuff and you will see more and more of it making its way to the store every month.  Here’s a peak at a few of the gems we are stocking so far.  If any mamas out there have a product or brand that they love I would really like to hear about it!  Please email me at with your suggestions!


Milkbarn is a San Fransisco based brand making a simple line of high quality clothing and necessities.  I love their graphically driven, clean and cheerful designs.  As a bonus, their packaging is so sweet and adorable, making their swaddling blankets and burp clothes super giftable.


Mama & Little make teething necklaces that are sturdy enough to stand up to your gnawing baby, but are cool enough to wear even if you don’t have a kid who tries to eat everything you put around your neck.  Recently my too-cool-for-everything 16 year old sister was wearing one of my M&L necklaces for baby Emma to chew on.  She forgot she had it on until that evening when we were at the mall together (sans baby) and I pointed it out.  She just shrugged, said it was fine, and left it on.  If you knew what a snob my sister was this would really impress you.


Ammo Books prints board books, puzzles and games with designs from modern powerhouses like Charley Harper, Jon Alcorn and Alexander Girard.  Everything they produce is so well designed that you won’t mind it being left out on your coffee table.

Some thing that I hope to add to the collection soon: Zutano booties and some good turban headbands.  I’ll keep you posted!