Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

IMG_6665Well, it has happened again.  All that dust that was kicked up from the Holiday rush has finally begin to settle and your are getting comfortable with life being normal and then it hits you; Valentine’s Day is coming and you have to buy ANOTHER gift!  I’ll be the first to say that the timing of this holiday sucks. You just used all your good gift ideas on your loved one for Christmas and now you’re supposed to not only come up with a gift, but something sweet and from the heart.

I’ve come up with a list for guys and girls that I think will fit the bill.  Don’t fall for that “Oh let’s just not get each other anything” bs this year and get stuck looking like a jerk when you are handed a gift.  Go ahead and make them look like the jerk this year!


The easiest place to start is with a card.  If you’re a good writer you might be able to end there too!  Either way, this XO letterpress number for Egg Press will do the trick.
Candles are always a great gift idea, the fragrances and packaging on these vintage apothecary inspired ones are amazing (the Vetiver & Cardamom scent is the winner here).
The His and Hers necklace set from Fada is a fun take on the friendship necklaces from gradeschool.
Scarves make great gifts because a) almost all women love them b) you don’t have to worry about getting the right size c) you can get brownie points for adding a note about how it can keep her warm when you’re not together.
The Sweetheart Ring from By Boe is our number one selling piece of jewelry in our 8 year history.  Its simple and understated and makes a great gift for someone you love.

vdayhimIt seems like every urban boy I know now carries a pocket knife with him.  We love these French folding numbers.  Its true that they are using them to open letters and split bananas, but they feel cool doing it, so just let ’em.
The Cedar Wood soap from Kala is another manly favorite.  It gives all of the lumberjack smell with none of the manual labor.  Add the Omega Shave Set for a complete apothecary package.
I love how the reversible Floral Bowtie from Cotton Treats has just the right amount of quirk.  Obviously we are partial to the floral print side, but flip it over to the black and white tick pattern for more a more conservative look.
The stainless steel Nice Things flask is a Tigertree exclusive and a constant reminder of why we no longer have that glass coffee table I loved so much.  Its a great guilt ridden token to give to the guy who has broken all of your favorite things.

I think the above ideas are a pretty solid place to start, but if you are still in need of some help, stop in or shoot us an email; we would love to help you pick out a gift for you sweetheart!