Wedding Shower Gifts

Wedding season is here and I’m always so impressed with the gift packages our customers put together for their friends. Here are some of the best combinations you guys have come up with…


Grocery/Farmers Market Package

Reusable Bags – I can’t remember life without these. If you don’t believe me check out the blog post where I just wrote about them.

Market List – Because meal planning is so much more fun when it’s not on the back of an envelope.

Retro Pens – and these just look so cool.

*Bonus* Add in CSA subscription or gift card to a local grocer.


We’ll call this the Sentimental Package

One Line a Day – Such a sweet way to capture the first five years together.

Scratch Map – Not only is it a gorgeous addition to their walls but they can track their travels together.

State Necklace – One of my all time favorite shower gifts is the state necklaces customized to have both their home states on one necklace.

*Bonus* Include a frame for the map

Wedding Shower Gifts

Kitchen Package

Recipe Cards – Really impress them by having their friends and family fill them out with favorite recipes.

Kitchen Towels – Because you can never have too many.

Salt Box – Include the fancy kind of salt that can’t go in a shaker.

*Bonus* Include your favorite recipe book


Golden Package

Notebook – Two months before my wedding I carried one of these around and it was a life saver for jotting down those “oh shit” to do’s as the big day approached.

Plant Mister – Our customer said it best “to help your love grow”.

Apothecary Tin Candles – For a dash of romance. Also these smell incredible.

Leaf Necklace – We’ve carried this for years and it’s by far our most requested most versatile piece. (in store only)

*Bonus* include a plant from your favorite local nursery.