True Life: I’m Addicted To Soap


Ellen has been buying soap from Tigertree since I started working here almost three years ago. I can’t believe I just now thought to ask her to write up some reviews. She is our soap expert for good reason… – Michelle

As the coming of winter makes itself more apparent every day, there’s nothing I love more than taking a hot shower and lathering up with a good bar of soap. As someone who has tried various soaps found at the grocery store, I can say that there is something extra special about spending a few extra dollars to get a soap with a pretty package, quality ingredients, interesting scent, and extra moisture. It makes showering so much more fun! Luckily here at TT, we have a variety of awesome soaps and I’ve tried almost all of them. Here’s the info on some of my favorites:

Sea Salt Soap

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soapoh man, I love this bar. From the nautical packaging to its salty scent, this soap will take you right to the coast line. Its thick, circular shape definitely helps its longevity (this soap lasted me almost 3 months!), and as an added bonus it contains tiny salt crystals for a gentle exfoliation. If you’ve been dreading the upcoming cold weather like I have, lather up with this bar to go back to the beach!

Saipua Soap

Saipua Soapsthese soaps are incredible! Handmade in small batches from a mother/daughter duo in New York, these bars are the real deal. People always ask what candle we’re burning in the shop to make it smell so nice, but that smell is actually the pile of these soaps sitting out! These soaps come in a variety of unique scents, and each one has some serious staying power. I once had a bar sitting in my bathroom and it made the whole room smell good. Outside of scent, these soaps are really moisturizing and come in really great packaging. My favorite scents are the Coffee Mint and Rose Geranium.  A great treat for a friend (or, yourself!)

Avocado Soap

Kala Fruit Soapswe have these soaps in the avocado, coffee and coconut scent and they’re all amazing. Each soap is shaped as its scent, so A+ for detail. In my experience, these soaps are by far the most moisturizing and are pretty gentle on sensitive skin. They leave your skin soft and smooth after use, and the coconut one smells like the beach. A perfect option to remedy dry winter skin!

Cedar Wood Soap

Kala Cedar Wood SoapKala also makes a soap for the man in your life- cedar wood. This bar is larger in size and lasts awhile, and has an awesome unisex scent. Using it feels warm and woodsy while moisturizing even the toughest of skin.

Whether your skin needs extra moisture, a little exfoliating or you just wanna smell fancy, chances are we have a soap for you! Try one out and enjoy an exciting lather all winter long! – Ellen