Staying Cozy this Winter

Despite the fact that this winter season has so far been unusually warm, we’ve finally had our first real snowfall and  have no doubt that temperatures will continue drop. The terrible routine of begrudgingly scraping frost and ice from our windshields before we can move our cars has begun. I don’t know about you, but the extra bit of effort it takes to dig myself out of the house/parking spot can prevent me from leaving. And so, making our homes extra cozy on extra gross days is so important! Here are a few items we have in the shop that can help you fight the winter blues. More snow is coming, we  promise. IMG_2717_grande

BeeHouse Teapot or Coffee Dripper- whether you’re a coffee or tea type, we’ve got enough equipment to allow you to brew warmth all day. Our Beehouse teapots come in a variety of colors (the copper one is my favorite!) to make tea steeping more aesthetically pleasing and the coffee drippers are easy to use for fresh, home brewed coffee. Pick your caffeine (or keep it decaf)  and enjoy a mug on the couch!


Speaking of mugs, we’ve got a lot of awesome ones in the shop right now. Out Of Print makes ceramics with awesome graphics for the book lover, while Emily McDowell embellishes hers with beautiful sarcasm. Your choice in mug is almost as important as what you choose to drink out of it, so pick one that gives you “the feels” and sip all day.


You know what goes great with warm beverages? Candlelight. We have a wide variety of candle scents to suit every nostril! Paddywax Apothecary candles are wonderful not only because of their pretty packaging, but also because of their comforting scents. Vetiver and Cardamom is my favorite. If scents aren’t your thing and you just want a little ambiance, we also have multi color drip candles that are beautiful! For $4 you get two candle sticks that you can put into any old wine/beer/thrifted bottle and watch as the colorful wax drips down the edges.


As you watch the snow fall from your window (or, more realistically watch the snow plow man spray grey sludge everywhere) you might enjoy having a few cozy things to wear. We carry a few things that are so soft and cozy that it should be illegal. Our Ohio Til I Die fleece comes in unisex sizing and is probably softer than a babies bottom. We also have an awesome turtleneck sweater from Sugarhill specifically for the ladies, and a variety of ultra soft Obey sweaters for  men.




To accompany your sweater, we also have Richer Poorer socks that come in a ton of fun patterns, and a plethora of scarves to cover your extremities. Because frost bite is a real thing you should avoid.


If you’re looking for a little extra entertainment besides your usual Netflix series while snuggled indoors, we have tons of journals from Rifle Paper Co, Moleskin, and Field Notes. You know, for writing out all of your New Years goals and resolutions. If you’re feeling a little more artistic, we’ve got the Crazy Cat Lady coloring book (with more adult coloring books on the way!) and the One Sketch A Day journal by Chronicle Books. Staying occupied while indoors never seemed so appealing.


Once the snow starts piling up, we hope this guide gives you some ideas on how to stay warm and sane this winter!