The Meaning Of Color Part 1: Blue

This week, we got a super intriguing book called “Fortune-Telling Book of Colors” from Chronicle Books and while it might sound a little witchy,  it holds a bunch of playful information about the psychology behind why we choose the colors we do. Whether it be the clothing we wear, cars we drive, or the way we paint and decorate our living spaces, the colors we’re drawn to tell a lot about our personalities.

For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be exploring color psychology and showcasing a different color every week, as well as featuring a few color coordinated items we have in the shop if your favorite color happens to come up!

For starters, blue:

Kanken Sky Blue backpack Round Teapot Odyssey Tea Towel SetFitted Board Shirt, Tiger Denim Dress

According to the Book of Colors, if you’re drawn to blue you tend to strive for perfection in everything you do, and usually succeed. You think before you speak, and can be very trusting once you get to know people. You are solid and grounded in your manners and actions.

On the contrary, if you dislike the color blue, you might be restless with your current situation and in need of more excitement. But hey, that’s not our opinion, we just read it in this fun little book.

Stay updated to see what color we feature next week!