The Meaning of Color Part 2: Black

This week in our color series inspired by the “Book of Colors”by Chronicle Books, we explore what the color black could mean in our lives.

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Black is a protective color.

In our wardrobes, black could mean we have a need to control our environments, or that we’re hiding an underlying insecurity. People whom are drawn to a predominantly black wardrobe might crave power and prestige and come off as intimidating to others, though are usually respected by peers despite keeping them at a distance. Black clothing can increase your authority, but it is a delicate balance. Too much black can have a somber effect, and a pop of color might make you more approachable. If you love black, it might also just  mean that you’re still searching for a color that suits you!

If you dislike black, you are the opposite of serious. You might find black depressing or somber, and likely have a lighthearted and optimistic nature.

We’re big fans of black here at TT, and to find out more information on the color theory we’re referencing, swing by the shop and pick up a copy of the book!