Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day is one of those awkward holidays where you just barely made it through December gift giving and now you have to scramble something else together for your special someone. Do you go overboard like you did on Christmas or do you laugh in the face of Valentines day and grab some cheap flowers and candy from the grocery store and plop them in a cup yelling “Here you go!” as your partner walks in? (Do. Not. Do.).

If you choose to celebrate Valentines day with your partner this year, remember that the most important part of the day is the thought you put into it. Your gift doesn’t have to be super extravagant and over the top, but it should show your partner that you’ve actually considered something they might enjoy as a thank you for choosing to like you for another day (or, maybe just putting up with you). If the holiday season depleted your gift giving creative juices, here’s a little guide to get you started:

For Her


Cards: Receiving a well designed card from your favorite person full of words of love and affirmation is one of the best things ever. A thoughtfully written card can go a long way, and we have a wide variety of both sarcastic and sentimental paper goods for all of your written needs. Grab a card from us, then wander the neighborhood and pick a restaurant to dine in or pick up some of your favorite ingredients from North Market and head back home to make a meal together.




Journals: Journals are a great gift for basically anyone. We have multiple in the shop, but this Ruby Folk one from Rifle Paper Company is my personal favorite. It’s nice to end an evening taking a few moments to document how it went to look back on later. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll even write a couple entries about you!




Clothing: Gasp! I said it! I know most people tend to shy away from picking an article of clothing for their partner, but a right choice can really impress that special someone and make them feel as though you really know them. A few tips if you dare to go this route- tops are much easier to size than pants or dresses, and you can always secretly peak into their closet and see what size they wear! I love this sweater from Numph, and anyone in the shop is always willing to help you with styling or giving opinions.IMG_7440

Candles: Not only will a candle set the mood, but it will also make your space smell really nice. These apothecary styled candles from Paddy Wax are awesome,  Sea Salt and Sage being my new favorite.IMG_6277_grande




Jewelry: This is always a solid Valentines Day choice. We’ve got lots of quirky and fun pieces in the shop, like these adjustable brass rings from Art Industries. They come in many different varieties; from Star Wars to a cute little fox.



For Him

IMG_8049Printed Bandana: These bandanas from The Printed Image are so cool. They come in many variations of nature prints and can be framed for your wall, worn as a pocket square for a pop of color, or kept classic.  Versatility all around.



Timex Leather Weekender: These watches are classic and affordable, and go well worn with just about anything. The leather band varieties are my favorite!


Baxter Pomade: Don’t be fooled, men care more about their hair than they let on. We have a bunch of men’s apothecary items including soaps, beard oils and aftershave, but this Baxter hair pomade is really great. It’ll give his hair that effortless finished feeling without looking greasy.



Leather Magic WalletThis wallet by Mywalit comes in a variety of colors and is made with nappa leather. Its got all the room he needs for cards, cash, and a picture of you.


We hope this guide helps you spread some love this Valentines Day!